We respect our users’ privacy and would like you to be aware of our privacy policy.  We at  Cypress Innovations do not collect any information about the users of this app.

When Digital Negative is opened for the first time, it asks for user location.  This location information is only used to mark the GPS coordinates where photos were taken, thereby allowing you to organize your pictures by where they were taken.  The location information is not otherwise distributed, transmitted, catalogued, or archived by the app in any manner whatsoever.  The app will still work even if you do not grant it access to location information.

The user has the option to upload images to Facebook, and Dropbox, and you must grant Digital Negative permission when prompted by either Facebook or Dropbox in order to enable this feature.  With these permissions, Digital Negative only posts photos to Facebook and/or Dropbox and does nothing else.  It does not download, transmit,
distribute, catalog, or archive any information whatsoever from Facebook or Dropbox.

Please note that in the unlikely event that the app crashes, Cypress Innovations may receive a report about why it crashed that contains no personally-identifiable information.  This is used to fix bugs only.


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